CanSchool Canadian Learning Centre – is an authorized centre registered in Canada, province of Ontario (corporation number 002420616).

We are a team of devoted, motivated and driven individuals, teachers and educators. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities that are available to Ontario students to all young adults all over the world.

The principal of Canadian On-Line High School, Mr. Will Lenssen, has been guiding and teaching on-line student community for more than 5 years. Teachers at the Canadian On-Line School are all licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The school’s license (BSID No. 668613) gives Mr. Lenssen jurisdiction to issue Ontario High School Diplomas (OSSDs) to successful graduates.

Contact person to inquire about learning opportunities in such countries as Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Armenia and Kazakhstan is Inna Kogan, who is an experienced lawyer licensed to practice law in the province of Ontario for close to 20 years.