Education abroad

Graduates of the Canadian High Schools obtain Secondary School Diplomas upon graduation. In the province of Ontario, students are granted Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSDs). An OSSD is accepted by virtually all European countries, Great Britain and North America.
Using Britain as an example, a regular graduate of the very best foreign high school would be required to spend 2 years studying in expensive England to pass their A-Levels before being permitted to apply to a University of their choice. An OSSD is equivalent to an A-level certificate and a graduate of Canadian On-Line High School (COHS) will be able to seek admission to any British University or College right away, thus, saving two years of their time and money’s worth.

The most important benefit of Canadian On-Line High School education is the ability to take the first glimpse into the Western educational system. In order to become a leader and to gain a reputation of an excellent student, it is absolutely necessary to know the subject-specific terminology, rules for structuring and presenting one’s assignments, and criteria upon which these academic works will be graded. Graduates of foreign High Schools are generally well-educated and intelligent, but lack basic knowledge of some obvious requirements that Colleges and Universities expect them to adhere to. Education at the Canadian On-Line High School will not only guarantee acceptance to a Canadian University or College of your choice, but will help you be successful after having been admitted.

Education in Canada is considered one of the best in the world. It is based on the British system, but has been modernized and improved. As an example, Canadian University McGill in Montreal is rated 5th in the world ratings for its business programs, falling not far behind Oxford and Cambridge Universities in that list. In the city of Toronto, students have a choice between such prestigious educational establishments as University of Toronto (UofT), York University, Schulich School of Business and Roitmans Business School. Graduates of these Universities are well-prepared for successful careers in various professions all over the world.