Program of study

CanSchool is a learning centre for students wishing to pursue Canadian high school curriculum via on-line mode of education. We are partnered with several licensed on-line high schools in Canada, all located in the province of Ontario. Canadian high school program is taught in the English language. In order to be admitted to CanSchool, it is necessary to write an English language placement test. Classes are held three times a week, two hours each time. Licensed Canadian teachers hold classes on-line.

All Canadian high school students, regardless of whether they attend classes physically or on-line, must write a Canadian Literacry Test in order to obtain a High School Diploma (an OSSD). International students learning on-line will be writing this test at the same time as their peers do in Canada. This test is written under stringent supervision. It is usually written at the end of March.

The course of study is expected to last three years. It is possible to finish this program sooner by working during school holidays. It is also possible to take classes outside the offered mandatory program should the student wish to expand their experience. Such arrangements are subject to individual agreements

A mandatory part of Ontario education is social or community activity. Our students will take part in charitable events and programs, contribute their time and efforts as volunteers for greater cause.

After successful completion of all the requirements of the course of study at a Canadian high school, graduates will be issued Ontario Secondary School Diplomas. An OSSD is accepted for admission to most Universities and Colleges of North America and Europe.

Do I have to travel to Canada during the course of study?

Ontario Secondary School Diploma can be obtained without going to Canada. For those who wish to take an exploratory trip to Canada, an organized tour to an educational summer camp in the city of Toronto will be offered. During this summer trip, students will be offered an opportunity to visit several of Canada’s Universities in order to understand their admission requirements.

What are the main requirements at CanSchool Learning Centre?

  • Attendance is one of the main requirements. If more than 20 hours are missed, a student may be asked to repeat the course.
  • Timely submission of homework and other assignments.
  • Successful writing of exams, midterms and other tests.
  • A failing grade at the end of the year means that the student must repeat the entire course at their own cost.