Program of study

Education in Canada is based on the solid and structured British system with the best influences of the liberal American Arts approach and is considered one of the best in the world. By enrolling your child in the Canadian On-Line High School, you can give him or her a great opportunity of obtaining a High School (OSSD) diploma. An OSSD will open doors to University education in Canada and at the most prestigious universities in other countries.

Tuition fees in Canada, as well as accommodation in the country, are moderate. The standards of education are high, and the prospects for graduates of Canadian educational establishments are broad.

Classes at the Canadian On-Line High School are chosen specifically for high school students of foreign secondary schools. Our experts have studied the regional schools education program and compared it with the program of study in Ontario.

Depending on the age and the level of English proficiency of a student, COHS offers the following curriculum:


For Grade 9 students:

– English as a foreign language (ESL E) course or Grade 10 English;

– World Religions;

– Career Studies and Civics

– Additionally, training to write and succeed at the Canadian Literacy Test offered in March of each academic year.


For Grade 10 students:

– Grade 11 English;

– International Business or International Economics.


For Grade 11 students:

– Grade 12 English;

– Advanced Functions or International Law. May also take International Business or Economics.

These courses are fully compliant with the Ministry of Education, Ontario. All teachers working at the Canadian On-Line High School are fully licensed and highly qualified.